MERCIFUL GOD - Amazing Josh [@AmazingJosh3]

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by admin, 4 weeks ago.
MERCIFUL GOD - Amazing Josh  [@AmazingJosh3]

Amazing Josh calls on the MERCIFUL GOD in new single.

We all want a God that provides all our desires and fights all our battles but what we really need is a God that has mercy on us, Our Father in Heaven is all these and a lot more. His mercy endures forever and He is willing and able to shower us with mercy when we call upon Him. Amazing Josh sings about this endless love of the Merciful God. Stream, download and share this love. Enjoy.

Lyrics: MERCIFUL GOD by Amazing Josh

Chorus :
Merciful, Merciful Baba e/3ce, you are the merciful God.(3ce)

Solo 1:
You supplied me hope,
You supplied me strength,
You supplied me Joy,
When the cloud of darkness weighed me down,
You arose for me,
And you gave me light.

Solo 2:
When I pass through the waters,
You will be with me,
And through the rivers,
They shall not overflow me,
When I walk through the fire,
I shall not be burned,
Neither shall the flame Kindle upon me,
You will arise for me,
As the God of Mercy.


Call : You are the Merciful God
Response: The Merciful God
Call : Who heals all our diseases
Response: The Merciful God
Call: Your Mercy so great
Endures forever
Call: Who satisfies our mouth
With very good food
Call: You are my provider
Jehovah Jireh

Call :You are the Merciful God
Response: The Merciful God
Call : You are the Merciful God
Response: The Merciful God
Call: Your mercy so great
Response: Endures forever
Call: Your Mercy lifting
Lifting me higher
Call: Your Mercy blessing
Response: Blessing me everyday

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Amazing Josh a prolific gospel songwriter, instrumentalist and gospel singer whose passion for gospel songs has grown rapidly over the years with the aim of impacting the world. He is out with a new track titled 'Merciful God'.  Be inspired!


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