JESUS IS WITH ME - Praise Army

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by admin, 4 weeks ago.
JESUS IS WITH ME - Praise Army

According to the leader of Praise Army, "The song 'Jesus Is With Me' is a revelation caught in a place of pain and grief, the place of darkness but suddenly light came to remind me that the Lord is not only with us, but in us. I pray that the same Christ Jesus who touched my life will minister to anyone who listens to this song. The same spirit of God almighty that delivered me out darkness into light will do the same to any who is lost you, in fear and facing challenges in Jesus name"

The song was produced by Bvybes.

Praise Army Profile

Praise Army was inspired in a private place of worship, it all started few years ago during a worship session and the whole atmosphere changed. The presence of God was so overwhelming and the Holy Spirit explained gave the founder Psalm 22:3; "But you are holy, you who inhabit the praises of Israel." And went on further to explain thar "You are not alone, the host of heaven; the angels are worshipping with you."


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