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10 Easy Ways To Make Money As A Gospel Musician In Nigeria

3 years 1 week ago #8598 by Dsoul
Many upcoming gospel musicians think or they don’t know they can make money with their music. They just want to keep making more song without any income coming back to them. Most upcoming Gospel Musician too think this is not possible, this is a big fat lie!

This is the reason why most upcoming artiste quit making music or gospel musicians switch to making secular songs, they think gospel musicians don’t make money from their music. Let’s take a look at top gospel musician in Nigeria for instance, they make a lot of money from the music they make by utilizing some strategies am going to unpack in this book.

As an upcoming musician or gospel musician if you have good business sense, making money shouldn’t be a hard nut for you to crack; little creative ideas can get you started.

Below are the ways you can make EXTRA CASH with your music, let’s go.

Digital distribution is a must to excel as a musician you must put out your music for sale on digital stores both international and local platforms. These platforms includes Itunes, Apple music, Deezeer, Spotify, Boomplay, Youtube etc.

The image below shows how much each music platform pay for streaming i.e once someone play your song for at least 30 or 50 seconds.

Boomplay pay around N20.00 to N50.00 Per stream or Download while Amazon pay you when someone buy your song. Amazon sell a track at $0.99, let’s say fifty people were able to buy your song, $0.99 x 50 = $49.5 (N17,829 converted to naira) WOW! You just made N17,829.00 from your music. That’s awesome right?

Don’t let anyone tell you “nobody dey buy song for naija”. As long as your production & mixing is quality and you have created enough value for your music then is N356.4 too cost, that a fan can’t purchase your song?

Selling your music at shows or concert is also important. You can put your song on CD-Rs, just make sure you sell it at reasonable price.

You can also check out local record shops in your area, get them to sell your CD-Rs for you in quantity. You might be wondering how you are going to get your songs in these online platforms, don’t worry I will talk about this later.


Doing live play or concert is also essential when it comes to making money as an upcoming musician or Gospel artiste.

Live play, gigs, concert or whatever you might want to call it is a wonderful/fantastic way to make money as a musician. Notwithstanding you have to think right in anything related to live performance. Try get your own shows, concert or gig.

While planning your own gig you have to consider your “Track records”, if you are just an upcoming musician, you are not supposed to charge large fees. Building up large fan base will take up time. You are not in any position to expect large fee of you are relatively upcoming musician.

For starter, you can start with a free show once or twice or do some give away in your to be known and recognized.

No matter how little you earn at start, you need to view it as one of the steps in building your reputation to greatness and always stay concentrated on building up yourself and your career.


Creating a website/blog is a great way to showcase someone’s business, skills or talents. So, there is no reason why you should not set up a website for yourself as an independent musician to showcase your music skills etc.

Every popular musician you know today have website where they display details about their song, next event or next album release date, you don’t believe it? Search for any popular musician name and add the keyword “website” (for instance “Frank Edwards Website” or Nathaniel Bassey Website”)

It is really a great idea to display your music on a website. The website will also feature some of your talents. On your website, you can feature your next event, ongoing events, and videos of you in a live show etc.

One more advantage about owning your own website is that you can sell any of your products either your music or other services you offer on it and set your desired price.

Have no idea on how to set up a website? Go to Google or Youtube to set up your own website using WordPress.

Still finding it hard to set up a website yourself kindly reach me through Whatsapp on +2348116066383 or through any of my social media outlet. I will help you set up a professional artiste website which will house your songs and products at cheap rates.


YouTube is another platform where anyone no matter what you are doing (niche) can earn you extra income. YouTube has been proving its success over the years and a lot of YouTubers are earning from it. So you can earn from YouTube too!

The most exciting thing about using YouTube is that it’s ABSOLUTELY FREE. You don’t need to pay a dime before you start your own Channel or start earning although there are some requirements which you will have to meet before you start earning which includes “Getting 1,000 subscribers “ i.e. before you tube start paying you, you must secure a thousand subscriber on you channel.

Now how does YouTube works? Have you ever noticed those advertisement showing before, during or after videos you are watching on YouTube? That’s how it works! YouTube will pay you whenever someone watch 30 seconds of the ADS or click on it. Isn’t that a wonderful and a free way to get income?

All you need to do is just create a Youtube channel, set it up and start adding your videos or music to it.

Make sure you keep sharing videos from your channel to make your fans or people subscribe to it and always provide great content to keep them glued to your channel


Many musician teach one instrument or the other. You can too!

What instrument do you know how to play? Piano? Guitar? Or drums? There are millions of people out there wishing they see someone to teach them one. Or more of the instruments.

It doesn’t matter whether you are Upcoming or renowned musician, you can sign up as a subtitle teacher in music school or create one in your area.

You can even create a YouTube channel where you can upload video of yourself teaching these instrument or music itself which will also generate extra income because within short time you will get many subscribers if you are a good teacher and YouTube will start paying you as I have mention above.


If you work hard enough as a through network connection and better promotion of your music in the right way you can earn a living by signing record deal with a record label.

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