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FACING YOUR SINGING CHALLENGE was created by Kismetpraiz

Mindset is simply a mental attitude that determines how you will interpret and respond to situations. Mindset shapes our beliefs which in turn shapes our character; and eventually, our whole lives!
Your mindset about your singing voice will influence how you communicate – whether through singing or speaking. Your mindset is more or less your inner voice.
Most mindsets are born as a result of childhood experiences and I am going to dwell a little on this.
What you were told as a child will either help or hinder you.
Some aspiring singers are experiencing a lot of vocal hindrances today, not because they cannot sing but because their singing ability has been locked up by a statement directed at them at a tender age.
Try to pinpoint where it all started for you by answering these questions:
1. Have you ever been told to stop singing because your voice hurts the ears?
2. While taking part in a school musical, did you get a non-musical role because your voice didn’t quite fit?
3. Did a choir leader ever tell you to mouth the words of a song like you were singing it for real – all because you were singing off?
4. Did a family member ever tell you to keep quiet because you sounded awful?
5. Did you ever feel intimidated by another singer in a children’s choir and felt you’d never be as good?
6. Did your bestie or someone you respect ever make derogatory statements about your singing?
Many of you must have had experiences like this while in your tender ages. Some others may have been lucky to have had a smooth ride through.
I will ask you a few questions now. In answering the questions, be honest with yourself, try to recall the feelings of your experiences and how other treated you – this will prepare you to change how you feel about your voice. This is an all important step in developing your voice to its full potential.
Having relived the hurtful feelings, the next step is to go into meditation to change things once and for all! How do you do this?
Find a comfortable place to sit. You may want to close your eyes to avoid distractions. Then do two things:
1. See yourself doing what you love singing beautifully (in your mind’s eye)
2. Speak positive words to yourself (affirmations)
Words like: I am a beautiful singer. I have a great voice. Everyone loves to hear me sing…compose your unique affirmations and speak them to yourself, believing every word you say. Do this daily.
In time, you will discover there is more to you than meets the eye. The power of your vision and words will kick start a transformation phase in your life. Your confidence and self-esteem will be boosted. Your voice will actually improve and your audience will love you more!

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