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The Truth Behind Number of Downloads and It's Relevance. What I've Learnt in 7 Years of Promoting Nigerian Gospel Music

4 years 3 months ago - 4 years 3 months ago #6504 by oyez
Artistes want massive number of download, but they don't care how it comes. They just want to see the numbers increase but many do not put into consideration what where and how this increase came by and what it translates to.


I hear people say things like "Numbers don't lie" and in this world, we've been made to believe the end justifies the means.

Well, I've learnt that the biggest liar in this game is numbers and these are my reasons.

- Some artistes want to brag more about the number of downloads more than they would sell the content of the song. Maybe to massage their egos or to rub it in the other artistes face, I cannot tell.
In other climes, the number of Downloads only makes sense if it translates into your ratings and bank account (the real number that cannot lie). Can the same be said about Nigerian artistes?

Here are some reasons why I seriously doubt it:

- Going by the 80/20 rule, if 10,000 people download your song within 24 hours like most of our artistes claim. Then it's expected that 8,000 (80%) of those people are talking about it. But let's assume only 20% actually care to talk about it, can the same artiste brag that 2,000 people are talking about his song?
Abi na deaf and dumb dey hear the song?

- It's easy to fool artistes with these numbers. A dubious blog owner can easily edit the number of views/downloads. You will see 5 shares, 200 hits (pageviews) and 5000 downloads. How manage? How can 5000 people download a song from a page that only 200 people has seen? Seems like bots to me.

- Most of the download links we share are phishy. The my.notjustoks, hulkshares and other file sharing sites are usually download-on-click which gives the user little or no option to choose if they really want to download your song because they love it or because they were click-baited. In other words, there's no preview and it's not a matter of choice.

- Another thing is that you cannot tell if the download was a successful one, even though the count increases. You know how network issues are now.

- One of the reasons why you don't get at least 20% of your download numbers talking about your music is because maybe they never really got to listen to it in the first place. This is why a conscious and consensual clicking on the download button after previewing the song and reviewing the song details (artiste profile etc) is better.

- The worst is people who use their hard earned money to deceive themselves by buying cheap robotic traffic from Asia or anywhere else to push their number of downloads and views. Are you 'kidneying' me? It's sad to even see Gospel artistes do this.

- The Number of downloads should reflect a genuine and consensual decision of the audience to our music. Don't be shy if it's low. It only means we have to work harder.
The download system and navigation of sites too should be a lot simpler to foster amazing user experience. Certainly what we are working night and day to achieve. Your reviews are welcomed.

I would gladly welcome counter options to this points above. I want to see this from other people's views as well.

At GospelNaija, we have recently added a feature to showcase the number of downloads, especially for our audio files (music and podcasts). Kindly check out this post to see what this offers. www.gospelnaija.com/news/6499-see-new-up...s-to-gospelnaija-3-0

Thanks for letting me share a few things I've learnt in my 7 years of promoting Nigerian Gospel Music.
GospelNaija will be 7 come June 28, 2018 and we are launching an upgrade aptly tagged: GospelNaija 3.0 - The Premium Promotions Platform.

To be a part of this, WhatsApp or Call +2347037264476
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