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The Advantage of Duration Based Promotion - What I've Learnt in 7 Years at GospelNaija!

4 years 2 months ago - 4 years 2 months ago #6503 by oyez
My people don't understand Duration Based Promotion. If they did, they'd take full advantage of it.

You pay a blogger (online publicist) to promote your song or video and the next time they hear from you is when you want to ask "How far is my song going?", or "How many downloads do I have now?" or perhaps when you want to release another song.

Does this sound familiar?

Well, I don't know who you hire for your online promotion, but if they do Duration Based Promotion, be sure to ask them how much content you can share within that timeframe; usually 2 weeks, 1 month, quarterly, bi-annually and 1 year.

This is another edge Online Promotion has over Radio and TV promotion.

For example, there are 14 days in 2 weeks, 4 weeks in a month, 3 months in a quarter and 4 quarters in a year.

The average lifespan of a song released on the internet in 2 weeks. After that, we are moving on to something else.

The plan is to be in people's faces with refreshing content for as much as possible.

How do you achieve this with one song or video?

- Pre-release Hype:
Even before releasing your new work, we should be seeing graphic works, snippets and skits all over the place. This helps build anticipation. The idea is to keep things short and simple. You may announce the official release date and do countdown graphics to boost the anticipation.
At GospelNaija, pre-release hype is a bonus service on whatever promotion plan you choose. This means that it doesn't count into your promotion duration.

- Press Release:
Your press release is the most vital part of your content. It contains information the you, the project, your story, pictures, links, files (the main content), lyrics and more. You also want to keep this simple and straightforward, at the same time keep people yearning for more.
We can help you develop a beautiful press release that would keep your audience asking for more.

- The Hype: This could refer to the strategy for promoting this particular project. I'm of the strong opinion that no two projects should be hyped the same way. Every song or video is peculiar and so the promotion should be tailor-made to uniquely address it.
Ask yourself questions like:
- What's this song about?
- Who's it for?
- What's happening in the world/society now?
- How does this song address it?
- When should it be released?

As a matter of fact, asking questions like these can even help one decide which song is fit to be released if they have a collection of many songs.

Are you having trouble deciding which of your songs you should release next? Let's help you decide.

- The Ingredients:
Now this is the whole point of this post. What can we add to our promotion to make it more captivating and recurring?
We have already talked about the Pre-release Hype which does most of the work. Let's delve into the Post-release Hype, the ingredients that make up your perfect promotion experience.

-- Photos: Have you done of photoshoot for this project? If yes, I give you kudos. You're really taking your music seriously.
It's common for artistes to release their photoshoot before or on the song release date. Releasing before will create a great pre-release atmosphere. Releasing it on the same day as the song, I think will might be a distraction. But what about releasing the photos one day at a time on your social media pages and adding your song links to each post, wouldn't that innovative. It's like driving new traffic to your song everyday for each new post.

-- Lyrics Videos: Say you're releasing a song and you already have a Lyrics Video for it. Why release both at the same time?
What's the purpose of a Lyrics Video? I guess it's to serve as a sing-along. For others, it could be "Watch this for now while I work on an official music video". In either case, it's to make your promotion more appealing and last longer to the public. It would make sense if this is released 2 weeks after the official release of your song.

-- Stage Performance Pics & Clips: Yea! Did you get a chance to perform your new single at an event? I do hope you have pictures and videos of this ministration? If yes, way to go!
Don't forget to share these photos and videos of your performance on all pages. Be sure to add the official (download) links to these posts.

There are many more tips and ingredients you can use to spice up your promotion. Let's keep learning and exploring new ways.

P.S: It's ideal to space the releasing of these ingredients. Don't let all the cats out of the bag at once. But then again, there's no hard and fast rule when it comes to music promotion.

Feel free to ask any questions about this topic or any other concerns you have about promoting your projects. I'll be glad to share the things I've learnt in my 7 years of Gospel Music Promotion at GospelNaija.

GospelNaija will be 7 on Thursday, 28th of June, 2018. Please be on the lookout as unveil new projects and rebrand the platform to serve you better.


Team Head at GospelNaija.

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