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Dear Nigerian Gospel Music and Content creators, you might be wondering why that beautiful song, event, product or content of yours isn't on most of the gospel blogs.

Is it that they don't want to help or your maybe your content doesn't quite meet their criteria? Why are they not responding to you after sending mails to their official email addresses or chatting them up on their respective social media account? Or is it money they want? Why is my song not playing on their online radio?

These and many more questions may cross your mind as you wonder why a Gospel blog would be so reluctant to support gospel work. Fret not, we are here to help.

While GospelNaija cannot authoritatively speak for other platforms as they all have their various modus operandi, we can give advice on what to do and how to go about it.

Let's see why your songs are not on most Online Gospel Platforms. Shall we?

1) CONTENT: Is the content (substance) of your content (material) is really Gospel?
We've heard songs whose messages are not consistent with the Gospel of Jesus. This has nothing to do with the genre of the song or the subject matter. You can discuss topics like Love, Romance, Peace, Nationhood, Finance and so on in your song without deviating from the Truth. Vain and prideful songs are to be rejected.

2) QUALITY: If you think I was gonna ask, "Is he quality of your quality really Gospel?", then you must think I am a clown. Hehe!
As our contribution to ensure quality control in the industry, especially as Christians who are supposed to promote Excellence in all we do, we advise that the quality of production, lyrics, arrangement, graphics, grammar, concordance etc of all our works be topnotch. Should you come across any substandard content on our platforms. Please be kind enough to notify us, it's your civic gospel duty.

3) PACKAGING: Now this term has been so confused with BRANDING or "Unnecessary Effects". What I mean here is PRESENTATION. How do you present your song or content to the online platforms? Do you just send an untitled mp3 with a picture of you holding a microphone looking up to the skies?
Long story short, the best way to present your content is this:
i) PRESS RELEASE: What's your project/content/event/song all about and add your biography or history of the project within. (Release Date, Event Venue and Time, Product Details)
ii) SONG in mp3 format (Video mp4 or Youtube link)
iii) PROFESSIONAL ARTWORK (Song or Album Cover, Event Flyer, Product Art Banner)
iv) LYRICS: Now very important.

Now these online platform including ours spend tens of thousands in Naira (most pay hundreds of dollars) monthly to keep their websites and online radios running. One way to support them for supporting the industry is to pay for their services.
While a few blogs are willing to publish your songs for free, you should be aware that publishing/posting a song is very different from promotion. Promotion ensures that more people see your song and you get more engagement/downloads/fans. It also ensures that your song gets on other platforms.

At GospelNaija, upload of your music is free and you can easily do that by yourself. Visit this link to see how you can upload your music and videos for free.
Kindly register at www.gospelnaija.com/join , then login and upload at www.gospelnaija.com/upload

For promotion of your music, we have some cool services that can get you more audience and even more money, see our promotion services plans here: www.gospelnaija.com/promotion

Now you know why your music is not on the Best Nigerian Gospel Blogs, Sites and Online Radios. Would you do something about it or keep complaining to the wind?

For advice, follow us on social media and connect with us via instant messaging apps
Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/Youtube: @GospelNaija
WhatsApp: +2347037264476
BBM: 5C4D885B

If you have any comments or questions, kindly reply this thread or use the facebook comment option.

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