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TEN COMMANDMENT FOR DATING was created by Goodness Kap

Dating is a sweet thing, it should be enjoyed to it's maximum fullest. And if it turns out successful, courtship, then marriage. Contrary to many beliefs that dating is a game. Dating is the initial step in a relationship, the outcome depends on the two parties involved(three can't play). Below are the ten commandments for dating, compiled by my humble self with my ph.D in love studies, obey them all and be on your way to a great marriage, and an overall goodlife.

1 Thou shall know the purpose

Why are you dating? What next after dating? Who do you want to date? If you can sincerely answer these questions, you are on your way to having a successful date.

2 Thou shall not cheat

Most relationships and marriages have broken up because of this menace. If you want to cheat, then don't date.

3 Thou shall love mutually

Dating involves two parties. If one is not reciprocating the love, the relationship is heading for the edge.

4 Thou shall trust

You must trust each other and earn each other's trust!!!

5 Thou shall communicate

Communication is key in any relationship. Talk! Iron out things, talk about the past, present and future.

6 Thou shall be original

No pretence allowed in a relationship. Be yourself. Fart in each other's presence. Don't pretend to be who you are not, either financially, emotionally, and anyother-lly

7 Thou shall not set too-high standards

Nobody is perfect. Setting high standards in a relationship is detrimental to the growth of such relationship. Work everything out.

8 Thou shall not keep secrets

Be open to your partner. You wouldn't love it when that skeleton in your cupboard is exposed by another party

9 Thou shall not nag

Not only females nag, some males too can nag till kingdom calls. Nagging never solves any problem, it rather creates more.

10 Thou shall involve God

I saved the best for the last. If you really look forward to a future together, involve God.


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