× "For this reason shall a man leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife" - Genesis 2:24, Matthew 19:5


2 years 4 weeks ago #7572 by Goodness Kap
THE BEAUTY OF WEDDING was created by Goodness Kap
Imagine the moment you see couples wedding pictures,most especially when you are single. You just wish you were the one there. You wish you can just marry immediately. You start thinking of marriage. Yeah! It's usually a good thing to marry. But not a good thing to marry wrong. My dear! There is something more than that day,more than those beautiful pictures you will snap,more than the dance and kisses of that day. Now think ahead of that day. Think of after that day. And the phrase that says "Together forever! Till death do us apart". In struggle,poverty,sorrows,pains,e.t.c. still till death do you apart. So,my dear don't just jump into marriage. A wedding day,is just a 24 hours. So,think of after that day. Learn more about marriage. Seek marriage advice. Do a lot of study about what can sustain your home when you marry. Before you go into it. Know your spouse. So,you won't regret ever jumping into it. Cause those who are regretting and divorced also did wedding. They snap those wonderful pictures,kisses each other,dance together,but they still end up like that. That should teach that it is not just that day.
Don't marry because of money. Marry because you love the person and you found the person is the type you want.

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