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5 years 3 months ago #3283 by Titolu
I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU NOT! was created by Titolu
I need to tell myself the truth
And clear my head off these confusing doubts
What’s the point in self-deception anyway?
So here’s it.

I know I love you
I love the sound of your name and
Like to dance to your songs
I can swear its love I feel
Or what will make my heart beat so

I know I love you
You formed my heart and healed my soul
You showed me care like I never knew existed
You are good, merciful and selfless
What’s not to love about you?

But sometimes my conscience judges me
I feel I cheat on your love
Or how do I explain this- my love and ‘un-love’, in a breath…

I don’t get it-
Or how can I love you this much and yet struggle to do good by you?
How can I love you so, yet find going all the way with you this difficult?
I love you, but why is staying in constant communion with you proving sore hard?
I’m often distracted by those I know won’t do my soul any good;
Worse still, I can’t seem to help it.
‘’If you love me, you’d keep my commandments’’ you say-
Why do I love you but find your laws a load so heavy?

Two strongholds struggling for my soul
Dragging me here and there in a row
Turning my being’s knob on-off, off-on; like they both rule
Those things I want to do, I do not, but what I hate I do.

But then, there’s a witness in me
Assuring me it’d get better if I keep my trust on
The voice urges me not to give up on your amazing love,
But to ask for grace to see your love for me unfold, for it is unlimited….
I know I couldn’t love you as much as you do me anyway
But you sure can teach me how to love you more…

Now I’m willing to obey the voice
To trust you to help me see your love and grow in it
No point trying to beat your it; you are LOVE!
Then I’d keep growing in LOVE
Till finally I get to see and touch your love face
On that glorious dawn!


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