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Rejoice Oh Feeble, For This Day, The Lord Has Remembered Thee

5 years 3 months ago #3243 by Titolu
Confident, handsome and lanky,
He wins the heart of all with his fair looks
‘’Surely, the throne is his’’, they all agree.

Her name is beautiful; she has royal blood,
Ten servants to choose her dress, another ten to buckle her shoes,
She’s got it all- all it takes to be crowned queen.

The rulers of the earth make head count,
They list the strong and swift; powerful, high and mighty,
The Jews, priests and princes
Lanky and beautiful too….

But of course, Zaccheus can’t be counted- ‘’he’s way too short’’
No way can Japheth be in; ‘’such a bastard!’’,
Rahab the harlot…..
Jabesh the accursed…..
Hannah the barren……
Blind Bartimaeus….
The leper by the pool
They all can’t make that lofty list-
The noble book would not be soiled with imperfect names!
But the Lord shows up!
‘’They’ve all had their day’’ he says ‘’the strong, the swift and the crowned-
Now is my day to show mercy!’’

For the eternal God is no man
He strengthens the legs of the feeble to swift victory,
He chooses the youngest for the throne,
He cleanses the unclean, and honors the stranger in the land.
He remembers the Gentiles and gives them a choice place in the temple.

Rejoice oh feeble, for the Lord has this day remembered you
Just like he helped the leper at the pool, and
Made the unadorned maid queen over the land of royal princes.

For he has chosen to confound the wise with
The foolish things of this world.

Rejoice thou feeble
Shout for joy and dance and sing
For rolled away is your shame, and
No more your reproach
For this day, the Lord, merciful and mighty, has remembered you!


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