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6 years 8 months ago - 6 years 8 months ago #2921 by kelar thrillz
I never thought HE could use anything
Until HE picked up this messed up jar of clay with a tag on it that reads "good for nothing"

I bore my dreams on a sinking sand,
Which explains why the potency of gravity was at its peak as it effortlessly pulled my reality down to the ground

I was That house without a foundation, the superman without an X-ray vision, a sinner without a hope of redemption, a train without an engine room a gear and a piston??... ..

I walked round the city with this poster picture in ma hand of someone who was declared missing.. a tall, dark complexioned, well built and purpose driven individual with an unshakable flare for the things of the Kingdom

A trait I admire, a personality I desire...
A perfect hole, just like the one I have inside my heart but my hasty conclusion was that I just don't fit in.

Oh I bless dat day when I met a man who stopped me from my aimless parole, emptied my sorrow, changed my dirty robe, and finally opened my eyes to see that the man in the poster picture I had in my hands for years, the same man who was declared missing.. Yeah.. THE MAN IN THE PICTURE WAS. ... ME.

Told me how I lost myself to lust, greed, selfishness, idolatry , adultery, masturbation, lies, immorality and all manner of unrighteousness...

Now I know who I am and I know where am going
My debts been paid theres no one am owing

His word is my lights so when I stumble.. I rise

I never thought HE could use anything
Until the day HE picked me, broke me, remolded me, and now to his glory...
He uses ME.
And that's my conviction that HE CAN USE YOU!!!
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