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7 years 9 months ago #2472 by gospelnaija
I can profess to be Catholic
Since I can confess and be forgiven daily if i were an alcoholic

Maybe I'll be better of as an Anglican or Methodist but don't tag me a Protestant,
I can and I resist to be tagged, I protest that stance.

I like fellowshipping with Redeemed Christian Church of God,
They have the Rhythm to get you dancing for God

Sometimes you can catch me in any White Garment Church,
Not for incense or candles but because I love food and party so much

If you see me in Christ Embassy,
I'm there to hear the words of Christ with Effizy

I've had one to many The Experience with House on the Rock,
I think I can say those guys just rock

Prayers at CAC or Mountain of Fire,
Makes the devil doomed for being a liar

If you hear I was at the Synagogue Church of All Nations,
Then you should know I've seen the catalogue of miracles for every affliction

I like the Daystar for their choir,
I don't know if I'm more fascinated by sitting next to young millionaires.

I appreciate the fact I grew up with Deeper Life
To my surprise, there's another church called High Life,
I sincerely hope this isn't strife.

In which of these churches should I pay my tithe?
Bearing in mind that it has to be where they'll hold my burial rite
It shouldn't matter since I'll be gone, right?
To Heaven, where church is done right.

I'm also a Witness, because I stay Awake on the Watchtower of the Kingdom Hall
But why are we building Domes in this EndTime of Charismatic Renewal as we pray for the Maranatha to come and everything will fall

If the Latter Rain is to make those of the Assemblies of God, those of the Household of God to be Harvesters,
Then why can't we sow Seeds of Faith as we wait on the Altar?
Let's remember that we have a brotherhood in His Cross and Star.
Jesus' cross and He is the Bright and Morning Star.
The embodiment of our Four Square.
He that had an ear, let him hear.

GospelNaija! 100% Gospel 100% Nigerian

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