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GospelNaija 3.0: GospelNaija for Artistes! What's in store for Content Creators?

3 years 10 months ago #6740 by gospelnaija

Every artiste is faced with the challenge of generating funds for their projects and realizing revenue off it. It has little to do with whether the artiste is a big name or an upcoming act. It's an international challenge that cuts across borders and strata.

This challenge is even more serious for Gospel Artistes, Nigerian Gospel Artistes to be precise.

Questions like; "How do I make money from my music?", "How do I sell my music online (digitally) and offline (CDs)?", "Do people really buy songs online?". These burning questions and more have been asked and we at GospelNaija have tried to provide answers by referring artistes the platforms (Distribution and Monetization on Digital Stores). But then, we thought about going further.

If Digital Distribution and Monetization of Music and other contents is one of our forte, why not upgrade the GospelNaija platform to directly serve this purpose as an extra source of revenue for artiste? Makes sense, right?

GospelNaija.com was launched in 2011 as a blog to feature and promote Nigerian Gospel Music and Arts. In 2014, it was upgraded to a full-fledged social networking site that enabled artistes to create profiles, connect with friends and other talents, build their fanbase and most importantly, directly upload their music, videos and more. This upgrade in 2014 was dubbed GospelNaija 2.0

The upgrade to GospelNaija 3.0, which takes effect today the 28th of June 2018, simply put, is a Monetization platform with the tag-line Premium Promotion Platform. At GospelNaija, we have always encouraged artistes to do more to promote their works. After spending a budget to produce a musical project, do cover arts etc. We noticed artistes spending little or nothing on promotion and expect their works to miraculously be discovered (in other words, "Blow"). It's logical that Promotion deserves the most part of our budgets.

So with GospelNaija 3.0, where artistes will earn from their musical works, we hope to see them promote more. This is because Content Distribution is a game of numbers, the more you push - the more you get. And have you heard that Content is King? If content is king, what does that make Content Creators like our Dear Artistes?

You must have also heard that we have another catcphrase for GospelNaija 3.0. It's Audience - Artistes - Advertizers.
Artistes are the focal point of our platform. They are the Content Creators, which means without them, we would just be a news sharing platform. Hence, we have taken time to provide the things they need to jumpstart their careers and take them to the next level.
Artistes need to know how well their works are doing. How many downloads their songs have and how many views/plays/streams their videos have gotten. With GospelNaija 3.0, this information comes in handy on the songs/videos page and even on the artiste profile. (Login and visit www.gospelnaija.com/profile)
Another plus for artiste is that they can now show off their profiles to the world with the right information. With GospelNaija 3.0, we included artistes' media (song and videos) directly on their profile pages. This means that by sharing your profile link, people can get to see your songs and videos all in one place.

It just gets better with GospelNaija 3.0, right from your profile, you can know how much you've made by uploading and sharing your music on GospelNaija. The earnings come from valid plays/streams of your music and videos and downloads (by logged in users) of your songs. Remember, you earn even when your song is available for FREE downloads. Isn't that cool? Show me a better offer.

Finally, we are looking forward to artistes to spread the word to other artistes and share links of their content with the world. Remember, it's a game of numbers!

If you're not on GospelNaija, kindly register on www.gospelnaija.com/join

If your music is not on GospelNaija, kindly upload on www.gospelnaija.com

If your music and videos are already on GospelNaija but it doesn't reflect in your profile, kindly send us your username and song title to WhatsApp +2347037264476.

Please bear in mind that GospelNaija for Artistes is not limited only to Musicians, it cuts across to Vloggers, Podcasters, Comedians, OAPs, Dancers, Tutorial Creators and all digital content creators with positive messages.

Happy 7th Anniversary GospelNaija! Cheers!

GospelNaija! 100% Gospel 100% Nigerian
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3 years 8 months ago #7180 by Agosu John
Good evening my name is M.E JOHN I have been trying to upload my second song but I don't get it right anymore.

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3 years 8 months ago #7197 by gospelnaija
Hi bro. Ensure you're using a computer for the upload. If there are any further issues, kindly whatsapp me on +2347037264476


GospelNaija! 100% Gospel 100% Nigerian

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