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My GospelNaija Journey. The Roadmap to GospelNaija 3.0 - The Premium Promotions Platform. #GospelNaijaPAYS [@OYEZe]

3 years 11 months ago #6582 by oyez

Who quits a bank job and goes into full-time blogging? Not even Gossip or Political blog site but one that promotes Gospel Music in a country where the same doesn't sell. This was February, 2012.

My dad thought I was mad. My mom knew I was mad but hey, it's her beloved mad son we're talking about here.

GospelNaija had been launched a year earlier, precisely June 28 of year 2011. Luckily for me, my friend and roommate-turned-brother, Lucky, was into Web Hosting, he helped register the domain name and hosted the website at almost no cost. I had to teach myself some web design and built it using some Content Management Server/System, erroneously called "Templates".

The GospelNaija journey started when I was looking for platforms to share my music online in 2009/10. There was Reverbnation and SoundCloud, a few Nigerian music blogs that hyped the big names more than often and less than a handful of faith-based blogs that concentrated of the 'Gospel' niche. I didn't like the fact that I had to send the Gospel Blogs my content first, go back and forth with emails, negotiating the cost of upload and why I should pay for just ordinary upload (I stingy sha). So I thought to myself, why did I study computer science if I cannot create a solution in this regard and offer exactly what I need and what others like me are yearning for; a platform that lets me showcase myself, share my content and build my network.

GospelNaija.com was built to be a social network from the onset. In fact, our first slogan was "Socialize for Christ". The aim was to create a platform where talented Christians of Nigerian origin share their contents and experiences. More like "Gospel according to Nigerians", so the slogan "100% Gospel 100% Nigerian" stuck till date.

People have asked, "Why Gospel?". "You can still showcase general entertainment and infuse the Gospel somewhere in there." I've heard things like "The 'Gospel' in the name might restrict people from the site. You know we want this stuff to get to unbelievers. Which unbeliever will come to your site when they see Gospel?"

Sincerely, these points are great. But are there true and thorough?

How do we invite unbelievers to Jesus in the first place? Do we throw parties in their faces or we tell them that Jesus will give them more happiness than parties would ever?
When we invite them to church, do we try to make them comfortable by telling them it's just a social gathering where you have fun or we tell them it's a place to fellowship and grow in love?

For me, it has been all about taking risks.

We went full-scale social media in June of 2015 with GospelNaija 2.0 (see www.gospelnaija.com/news/2687-gospelnaij...e-to-gospelnaija-2-0), marking our 4th anniversary and emphasizing that we have made it possible and easy for artistes and content creators to create profiles, build fan-base, create events and connect with other creatives on the site. We had introduced uploading of music and videos on the site earlier, making us the first Nigerian Gospel site and one of the very few Nigerian websites to allow members upload and share music directly. And this has always been absolutely FREE!

Now we have over 3,000 registered members and over 7,000 media contents on the site. Humble but certainly encouraging considering we had zero sponsors and a morally-based niche.

You might have helped us wondered, similar to how Mark Zuckerberg was recently grilled, one of the questions being, "So how do you make money by running a free service?" He answered, "We run ads".
Yes, we run Adverts on GospelNaija; music promotion being our major revenue generator.

Now, as challenging as this is, it has sustained our business for more than 5 years, takes care of the monthly hosting fees (we are on an unlimited web hosting plan), paid our office/studio bills (we operated a recording and photography studio for up to 4 years), funds our monthly Open Mic Sessions at PraiseVille, cover staff expenses, and gave a little extra as salary to staff, including paying my wife's bride-price and is taking care of my little boy.

Where am I heading to with all these?

Am I about to quit and throw in the towel? Certainly not!

Is Facebook buying over GospelNaija? You wish!

Are we announcing a sponsor? Not yet!

Come June 28th, 2018... GospelNaija will clock 7 years. We think there's no better time to launch what we've always wanted to do. What we've been working on underground. A reward system for Christian Creatives. Call it GospelNaija 3.0! It's the Premium Promotion Platform!

The media and entertainment terrain in Nigeria, especially in the Gospel divide, thrives of Freebies. Free downloads is the other of the day. The fans want songs, videos, eBooks and everything for free and yet expect the content creator to be blessed to do more. While we are totally in support of fans paying to download songs (we offer Premium Music Distribution services to all major online stores to prove this), we also acknowledge that offering Free Downloads in a valid means of promotion in this part of the world, hence, we want to pay artistes for their works even if these contents are available on our site for Free Viewing or Downloads.

It's that simple!

GospelNaija will PAY content creators for their "original" works uploaded to www.gospelnaija.com

Would you like to take a shot at what the acronym #GospelNaijaPAYS stands for?

Sincerely concerned people will ask, "So where will you get money to pay us when we make money on your site?" The skepticism is an honest one. The answer is "Adverts".

This upgrade to 3.0 also comes with cool advertizing features like Pre-Roll and Overlay ads where individuals, brands, churches and organizations can advertize their products, services, songs, videos, events and more in our Media Player. That is, your adverts will play as before (Pre-Roll) and within (Overlay banner) songs and videos on our website. Isn't this great?!

The terms, conditions and modalities will be pretty simple. Content can be music, podcasts, videos or vlog in the categories of any musical genre, sermon, comedy, dance, live performances etc. It just has to be edifying and of course the "Gospel" of Jesus Christ.

FAQs and other necessary details will be available shortly.

Now is the time to register and become a member of the fastest growing Christian Social Network, GospelNaija!

Visit www.gospelnaija.com/join to be a member.

Upload contents at www.gospelnaija.com/upload

If you already have your music on GospelNaija but it was uploaded by either us or someone else, kindly create an account and request that the content be transferred to your profile.

Feel free to ask questions and share any suggestions to make this project a great one.

This is coming from an ex-banker asking you to put your content where the money is!

Ain't this too risky? Well, that's what makes it worth it for me.

Have I goofed in this GospelNaija work before? Yes o. I'm Chief Goofer. Like when I asked artistes to submit their CDs and tried to do physical distribution in a world that's going digital. Or when I launched a Christian Print Magazine and thought I would start making profit from the second edition. However, mistakes like these helped in refining our convictions. Now I'm convinced!

Many thanks to everyone who has helped us get to where we are today. Thanks for believing in us. We won't let you down in Jesus name. Amen.

If you'd like front row access to this new platform, feel free to contact us via the channel below.


Emmanuel Oyez Oyezechukwu,
Team Head, GospelNaija.

FB/TW/IG: @OYEZe @GospelNaija
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
WhatsApp: +2347037264476
Web: www.gospelnaija.com

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