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GospelNaija's 10th Anniversary, Testimony, Milestones & Next Project - #GospelNaijaHUB

1 year 4 days ago #12461 by gospelnaija

For 10 solid years, we have promoted the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ through music and arts via an online community of Christian Creatives - GospelNaija.com. On June 28th of 2011, as a 25-year-old tech guy working in a bank, GospelNaija.com was launched and the journey began.

Over the past decade, we have featured over 13,500 media contents. That's over 13,500 Gospel songs and videos from over 7,000 Christian talents across and beyond our original base, Nigeria.

Our online community of content creators boasts of over 7,000 registered members from all works of the creative sphere; from Musicians to Actors, Dancers, Music Producers, Videographers, Photographers and even Clergymen. We are not leaving out the fans who joined the platform to support the creatives, you guys are the real piece of the puzzle.

In the course of our growth, we have been able to launch new products and initiatives almost every year. Check out our milestones:


1) 2011: GospelNaija.com was launched, being the first Gospel Music website dedicated strictly for the promotion of Nigerian/African content.

2) 2014: GospelNaija switched from a Music Blog into a full fledged Social Network, allowing members to create their profiles and upload/share their works to the world absolutely FREE.

3) 2016: In conjunction with Young Boss Entertainment, GospelNaija offered Music Production and Music Video Production services to musicians at a highly subsidized rate.

4) 2018: We launched a Monetization platform known as #GospelNaijaPAYS to generate revenue for Christian content creators on the GospelNaija platform.

5) 2021: One of our sponsors, Jesus Headstone Evangelical Ministries (an outreach ministry), has blessed us with a space to further our work for the Kingdom.

What a wonderful 10th Anniversary Present we got! The property is located at Rev Asekun lane, off Olaniyi street, Idi-oro, Mushin, Lagos. This is significant for me because I was born and raised in the ghettos of Mushin. Christian programmes like outdoor concerts, drama ministrations and crusades saved me from the street life at a tender age. Creating a platform for these ministries is definitely my way to give back to the community that raised me and you my friends are gonna help out with that!

So what's next for GospelNaija? 

2021: GospelNaija Multimedia Talent & Tech Hub - #GospelNaijaHUB


Yes, you heard that right. Our next milestone is to build a multimedia talent and tech centre for our growing Christian community and the world at large. 

In other words, we are launching a Jesus inspired Creative Arts and Sciences centre which will do the following:

- Offer subsidized cost yet high quality production for Christian music and music videos
- Shoot and direct engaging Christian movies
- Train the younger generation on multimedia skills like Photography, Videography, Music Production etc
- Train and incubate Mobile and Web App developers to build life changing products for the Christian communities and the world at large.
- Offer FREE training to Children in all of the above mentioned skills, so we can secure the next generation for Jesus Christ.

Being an online community-based ministry and business that we are, this project would be open to all. From the funding to the execution and running of the project, the community would be carried along. 

We are calling on all believers across the world to be a part of the harvest time by supporting the journey. There are two main ways of lending your support.

1) Upload all your catalogue of contents (that is, all your songs and videos) to GospelNaija.com for a minimum token of N5,000 ($10) only. 

2) Donate a minimum of N1,000 ($2) only to support the work. 

Timeline for fundraising: 6 months (to run till December 31st, 2021)

Expected Launch Date: June 28th, 2022.

Official Updates about the progress for the Funding and the Building project will be posted weekly on the Donations page: 


All donors will be acknowledged and carried along as there will be a form to fill at the point of donation and donors will be invited to a Telegram group to see updates and share inputs where necessary. 

Thanks for your support.
Emmanuel "Oyez" Oyezechukwu

GospelNaija! 100% Gospel 100% Nigerian

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