WHY YOU NO GO KNOW ME - Awesome [@AwesomeOsisindu]

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by admin, 7 years ago
WHY YOU NO GO KNOW ME - Awesome [@AwesomeOsisindu]
Linus Osisindu stage named AWESOME, has had it coming, long time.  Started as a secular artiste but secular music gave way to Christ Music after he got Born Again. He said "the Old had to give way for the New". 
AWESOME is a Rapper cum Singer with a difference! He's been doing gospel hip hop for a while but believes this is his set time to be heard. He's also a film actor, model and the owner of Wonder Wear Clothing Company. Having a vast experience in the arts and being a student of the Word of God, AWESOME makes music full of God's Word and Power coupled with excellent flow delivery. He calls it "Rhyming with the power of the Most High". His debut singles "WHY YOU NO GO KNOW ME" and "OLEY WAY" off his upcoming mixtape TRUTH IN BARZ VOL. 1, is a must hear!
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