HAPPY BIRTHDAY - Timmy J [@jtimmy94]

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY - Timmy J [@jtimmy94]
by admin, 2 years ago
HAPPY BIRTHDAY - Timmy J [@jtimmy94]

Timmy J releases new birthday song simply titled HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

There's something about that melodious smooth high-life music that finds its way into your soul and gets you grooving with a smile on your face. This is what Timmy J's debut single Happy Birthday does to you. With such beautiful Afrocentric music in short supply in today's mainstream Gospel, Timmy J will surely win many hearts with his first shot.

Happy Birthday is beautiful groovy song filled with traditional percussion, talking drums and guitar riffs is no doubt a song that has the potential to be evergreen and become an owambe anthem for birthday parties in the streets of Nigeria.

Download: http://bit.ly/Timmy-J-Happy-Birthday

Timmy J Profile:

Born Olaitan Olutimehin Johnson, Timmy's is a seasoned minister in the body of Christ. Having served as the very first Choir Director of the first Living Faith satellite church worldwide in Kaduna state and forming a Gospel High-life/Juju band; The Sons Of David, he is no doubt a seasoned veteran in the business of worship and praise. Happy Birthday is his debut single and it is a solid offering from a music veteran who has taken his time before coming to the party.

The Song is produced by Tayo Omokayode.



This is the day the Lord has made

Let us rejoice and be glad

Eni lojo ibi mi, ewa bami joooo

For the Lord is good to me and am a living witness oooo

Eni lojo ibi mi, ewa bami yooooo


Am alive today because of your grace

Am a living soul today because of your grace

What shall I render to you for keeping me baba

Ten thousand tongues is not enough oh

To praise you my God

Opolopo ojo lotiro,tile ti fimu

Sugbon modupe odamisi oh

Moyin o logo


Am a year bigger today

Am a year wiser today

Am a year bigger today

Am a year stronger today



We wish you happy birthday

We wish you many more years

With wisdom and honour

Happy birthday, happy birthday



Call: Happy [3×] birthday to you oh

Resp: Happy birthday eh eh happy


Call: Happy [4×] birthdaBirthday

Resp: Happy birthday eh eh happy


Call: You're 20,you're 30,40&50

Resp: Happy birthday eh eh happy


Call: You'll be 60,70,80,90 till 120

Resp: Happy birthday eh eh happy


Call: wadagba,watun darugbo yeeeeeee

Resp: Happy birthday eh eh happy



(Bridge 2)


Ododun lanromobi late,aosamodun

Asheshe Ku she, tabasheyitan,ashemisi

Asheshe Ku she

Ododun lanri orogbo, ododun lanrawusa, ododun lanromobi late

Gunugun kin Ku lewe dandan,madagba ma darugbo



I search from coast to coast

There's no one like you

From the East to the west

Four the north to the south

There's no one like you in heaven and earth

So I will dance like David danced in praising you baba.


Ijo mbe lese mi fun oba ogo

Erin mbe lenu mi fun oba ogo

Orin mbe lenu mi fun oba ogo

Ijo mbe lese mi fun oba ogo

Egeyie mbe ni body mi fun oba ogo

Lati fiyin eleda mi oba ogo

Fun odun ti mo ri loni yio baba


(Bridge 1)



To God be the glory, great things He hath done,

So loved He the world that He gave us His Son,

Who yielded His life an atonement for sin

And opened the life-gate that all may go in.



Olojo ibi majo[×2]

Olojo ibi mayo

Olojo ibi kijomole

Toba wue olejo sotun

Toba wue olé jo sosi

Iwo gangan loloni

Woni felomi sheo oh




Facebook: Otunba Olaitan Olutimehin
Instagram: Olutimehin.olaitan
Twitter: @jtimmy94

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