SOLUTION - Shady B [@ShadyB_Amen]

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by admin, 2 years ago
SOLUTION - Shady B [@ShadyB_Amen]

Shady B premieres official music video for his new single titled SOLUTION.

The year is winding down, however Shady B seems not to be letting up just yet. For the third time this year, he has put out his third single for 2018 and it is a double release (audio + video) titled Solution. On this amazing track accompanied with great visuals, Shady B touches on a subject that resonates with us all. He talks about the search for solution by mankind and says God is the solution. He presents this eloquently with rhymes, metaphors and a hook that is sure to hit home. Solution is indeed a great song and it's video is impressive. 
Go ahead, listen and share and watch the video too.

Download Audio - https://tinyurl.com/ybdzdch7

Watch Video - https://youtu.be/wfUg_x8N2TQ


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