MIMO (Holy) - Ade Mike [@DrealAdeMike]

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by DrealAdeMike, 3 months ago
MIMO (Holy) - Ade Mike  [@DrealAdeMike]

Clergryman and gospel musician, Ade Mike, premieres new music video for his trending single MIMO (Holy).

Mimo (Holy), is simply inspired by the awesome sacredness and concentration of God to faithfulness, righteousness, justice and yet committed to loving and showing mercy to His Children. It is lauding God for the balancing of Justice and Mercy at the same time; by these two attributes, we are being taking care of – So, God deserves being the center of it all.

Stream & Download Audio: https://www.gospelnaija.com/music/mimo-holy-ade-mike

Watch on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aScj6oqXQjI

Lyrics: MIMO by Ade Mike

Intro: Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord Almighty, the whole earth is full of His glory.
Hossanah in the highest.
Chorus: Mimo-Mimo (4 times) O
Mimo-Mimo (4 times)
Mimo nise Re o, Oluwa oba mi to pe o (2 times)
Mimo-Mimo (4 times)
Verse 1: God you are Holy; You’re righteous and you are kind
No one can fault you; You’re faithful and merciful
Na you be God, Na you be God o,
Na you be King, Na you be Father,
Na you be Lord, Na you be Baba,
Gbogbo ise re loje Mimo o, Olorun
Lead: (For the might one has done great things for me, and “Holy” is His name.)
Chorus: Mimo-Mimo (4 times) O
Mimo-Mimo (4 times)
Mimo nise re o, Oluwa oba mi to pe o (2 times)
Mimo-Mimo (4 times)
Verses 2: You are holy and worthy, God Your word is true
Your promises are true, they never fail
How can I praise you name, the way you are, you’re greater than what we think
Yet Lord, I bow in awe of you, I worship you today
You’re great in all your ways, Almighty God.
Verse 3: Holy Lord I worship You;
Holy King I praise your name;
Na you Father, you’re perfect in all your ways; Oh Lord!
You are the great Almighty God, Olorun o
Lead: Mimo-Mimo (4 times) O
Mimo-Mimo (4 times)
Mimo-Mimo (4 times)
Olorun lo gaju; Ise re lope
Lead: Mimo-Mimo (4 times)
Lead/Backup Mimo-Mimo (4 times)
Mimo-Mimo (4 times)
Mimo-Mimo (4 times)
Backup: Mimo-Mimo (2 times) Lead: Apat

Ade Mike Profile

Ade Mike (Full name: Solomon Ade-Ajayi Michael) is a multitalented young man who believes in purposeful living and works entirely with biblical principles for life. He hails from Ondo State, and lives in Lagos State, Nigeria.
He is a Clergyman, Writer, Author, certified Life Coach, Radio Presenter, Musician, and Inspirational Speaker, and he does all of these roles in stella capacity; excellently. He would say he doesn’t believe in and would never celebrate failure or laziness.
He is the author of the book: “Arise And Shine – A Classic Call To Victory When The Chips Are Down” and “Elusive Beauty – Understanding And Appreciating Real Beauty”. The founder of The Smiles Zone Outreach and The Smiles Zone TV; the dual platforms in one which are committed to revealing the mysteries and principles of God’s Kingdom beyond the walls of the Church and the Pulpit.
It will interest you to know that he is such a clergyman you want to listen to, rightly and awesomely dishing the word of God. He currently serves as an Anglican priest in the Diocese of Lagos Mainland, Lagos. His areas of interest in the vineyard as a minister of God is Pastoring and Teaching, based on the calling and ministry God entrusted to him.
His best verses of the bible are: Genesis 1:26; Eph. 3:20; 2 Cor. 5:7; John 15:5; 1 Sam. 21:8; Acts 13:36, among others. He is a Master of the New Testament Studies (M. A.), with other two first degrees in Theology and Religious Studies, among others. Music has always been part of Ade Mike since childhood, just as writing too. He has had many songs composed and does song writing conveniently as with other things he does. Believing in Genesis 1:26-27, he does great thinking and creates almost everything he imagines; like no limitation, no stagnation, no excuses.

Happy New Year!

Facebook: Ade Mike
YouTube: Ade Mike
Instagram: DrealAdeMike
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LinkedIn: DrealAdeMike

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