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Inconsistent Analogies Christians Debate About Tasha Cobbs Featuring Nicki Minaj

3 years 4 months ago #4784 by oyez

It's a beautiful song and both artiste delivered their parts well. I'M GETTING READY by Tasha Cobbs Leonard featuring Nicki Minaj is simply the bomb. But this is not a music review. If it was, Nicki's rap verse would lose some points. In a prophetic song about "getting ready", a good songwriter would not brag about what they already have but what they are hoping to achieve. Listen to Tasha's verses and the chorus again, it's a song about what's coming, not what you are enjoying.

Now this collaboration has received huge criticism and a decent number of favorable comments. None of them talking about the musicality of the song but speaking for or against a case where a gospel artistes featured a known sexually provocative secular artiste on a gospel song. Social media is buzzing with Christian either bashing or applauding Tasha Cobbs, both sides quoting bible verses and citing biblical examples in favour or against the collaboration.

This post seeks to point out the inconsistent analogies or wrong comparisons used by these Christians when debating this subject. Let's delve in.

1) Didn't Jesus sit and eat with sinners?
My friend Isaiah Olumati even used the term, "Jesus "featured" sinners."
While this is true, it has nothing to do with this collaboration. When Jesus sat and ate with sinners, He was the teacher and they were only able to ask questions. In all those cases, none of the sinners taught with Jesus, they didn't lead or officiate. Sinners didn't perform miracles with Him, He performed it on them. And most of the times, Jesus told sinners after healing them, "Go and sin no more."
I wonder how any Christian would draw a parallel with Jesus' interaction with sinners and a collaboration of a gospel artiste with a secular one. It doesn't connect. Singing a gospel song is very similar to teaching a gospel message and Nicki Minaj, who these very Christians have just called a sinner, just taught them how to get ready for a miracle. Well played.

2) If it it okay for Christians to work with non-Christians at their workplace, then featuring a secular artiste is no big deal.
Subomi Plumptre puts it this way,

"As a Christian doctor, will you object to collaborating with a Hindu doctor who is well known for worshiping other gods?"

Now this is another erroneous comparison; we cannot compare a Christian working with a non-Christian in a secular environment with a Christian collaborating with a renowned booty-shaking singer to propagate the gospel.
In other words, a Christian and a non-Christian teacher can teach the Physics or Mathematics as a subject in a school, but picture both teachers teaching Christian Religious Studies together? Would you find it odd if a renowned muslim teacher teaches you CRS in school? All he needs is to follow the course outline (quote a few Bible verses like Nicki did on the song), right? So it's odd, isn't it.

3) Let everything that has breath praise the Lord
This is a hilarious excuse! TongueTongueTongue
Of course, everything that is living should praise God. But people that quote this verse of scripture here make the assumption that praise can only be done by singing. Praise can be done in private, amongst friends and family, in church, on social media and so on, without even making a tune of melody. So if Nicki Minaj had praised God, let's say on her twitter handle, and some Christians condemned her, then there's a serious issue.
We've seen Justin Bieber posts tweets glorifying Jesus and God, yet he hasn't even done a song of praise in his journey to finding God. So my dear friends, praising God is not only about music, give yourselves a break.

4) What about Christians who do evil things secretly?
What has this got to do with anything? Mchew!
We should learn to handle issues separately. The issue of Christians doing evil in their closet should be treated independently from this one. Unless you mean that evil Christians and Nicki Minaj will suffer the same fate, then you're the one who's condemning her.

5) What if she's close to God in her closet but sings about a$$ and b00ting shaking to make money?
This is an actual response from my friend Doctor Santi, and my response to this is simple:

In all of scriptures and history, there's no single example of anyone who was Secretly Holy yet Publicly Ungodly. And if anyone is privately close to God (the best thing that man can ever enjoy), it would reflect in their public life.

6) So, Christian's can yoke themselves with people of different yokes at places of work but condemn a gospel artist that featured a secular artist?? How many gospel artist will boast of working with only gospel producers??
Surprisingly, this post is from my agnostic friend Dip-Ace. We are still praying for him to find his way back.
I responded to this post in a similar way to (2) above. However, in this case I was more direct and personal with Dip-Ace on his ir(religious) stand.
I asked, "If a gospel artiste wants to feature you in a song of praise to God, would you accept the offer?" Sensing a bait, he answered in the affirmative. Along the conversation, I pointed that my dear friend would be an hypocrite or liar if he agreed to feature in a song that praising a God he doesn't serve or believe in.
And that's my point about Nicki's position. The whole world knows Nicki's stand about life and morality, and the world knows it's not on the same page with God or The Bible's stand. So when Nicki is seen doing a part in a Gospel song, it's very okay for the whole world (not just Christians) to wonder "what's happening here?"

7) Don't judge!
There's a difference between passing a judgement and analysing a situation. When Jesus taught about not judging others in Matthew 7:1-6, the Master did not say "Do not take the speck out of your brother's eye". In other words, he didn't say "Do not correct your brother." Verse 5 reads, "First take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye."
Then nobody has ever bothered to explain verse 6 that reads, “Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces."
Care to explain?

8) Citing Peter and Cornelius, Jesus and Zaccheus, The Disciples and New Convert Paul
Some people cited the cases above as reasons why Christians shouldn't be skeptical about Tasha's association with Nicki
This is by far the strongest point. However, there's a clear and notable conversion process in these examples above. Cornelius was already on a part to conversion but needed someone to guide him, hence God introduced Peter. Zaccheus was already a fan of Jesus, no wonder he was waiting on the tree, Jesus met him and he became converted and a changed man. Paul just met the Lord and experienced a transformation and was introduced to the disciples and christian fold.
In all of these, the skepticism was there and didn't just disappear with a whiff of the hand. It would take Paul, Zaccheus and Cornelius consistency in the faith to clear any doubts, just as it would take Nicki Minaj's consistency for us to fully accept her. We have to be skeptical for now for fear of wolves in sheep clothings. Which christian woman will allow her husband in the same room with a newly born again Nicki Minaj? So let's see if Nicki Minaj will do more gospel songs or if she will return to her sex themed music. Okay?

I think I'm missing a few more remarks from people and I'm hoping you would add it in the comments/reply section so they can be address.
The arguments against are quite straightforward that there's little or no analogy used. Some don't even feel the need to quote Bible verses to defend their argument. They just feel no a gospel-artiste-secular-artiste collaboration is a No-No!

They say, "If an unbeliever should not mount the pulpit of our churches to teach about God, why should an unbeliever mount the pulpit of our hearts to sing about Him" I think I agree.

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