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Is It Okay For Christians To Eat Food Offered By Muslims This Ramadan?

Poll: Is It Okay For Christians To Eat Food Offered By Muslims This Ramadan?

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4 years 1 month ago #3906 by oyez
Is It Okay For Christians To Eat Food Offered By Muslims This Ramadan (Id el Fitr)?

Growing up in Mushin, Lagos, a community where you do not need an alarm clock to wake you up because you are sure the nearby mosques (one at almost every junction) would do the job better and for free every morning; I can boldly say I and muslims share a strong connection.
For one, some of my best friends in school and colleagues at work happen to be practicing muslims - the ones who grow beards and ensure their "sokoto (trousers) do not touch the ground. As a matter of truth, when we started our interview show on GospelNaija tagged "The Spotlight", only a muslim friend by the name Muyis offered me his camera and expertise to kick off.
I remember then that our landlord was a revered Alhaji (Muslim Chief) who always threw large feastings at the Ramadan and Sallah festivals that had every muslim within the vicinity gather to eat and merry. He took special caution in offering food to all tenants, whether they were muslims or not. What I noticed is the way my family, a Pentecostal brand of Christians, accepted the food.
My dad, who wasn't a pastor at that time, would take extra time to pray on the food, nullifying and canceling everything worth canceling, pleading the blood of Jesus and Fire of the Holy Ghost to consume every evil. And that's if he would eventually let us eat the food. Things have changed though. And that's the dilemma in this post.
An average true Christian acknowledges that Christians and Muslims do not worship the same God, or at least in the same way - Jesus being The Way. Hence, food offered by muslims might be perceived on the same level as food offered to idols by idol worshipers. True Christians also acknowledge that Jesus, whom we have as our perfect example, might not be too critical and judgmental of such foods and He could use the avenue for soul winning. Especially when we should offer food to others, not just during Christmas or Easter but everyday.
So what do you think? Using the Bible as reference, is it okay to see such foods offered to us by non-Christians in honour of their religious beliefs?

Happy Id el Fitr to our Muslim Ummah!

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