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Does The Bible Approve Body Modifications and Plastic Surgeries?

Poll: Does The Bible Approve Body Modifications and Plastic Surgeries?

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4 years 1 month ago - 4 years 1 month ago #3883 by gospelnaija

"...we are all gods amongst each other. And what does a god do? A God creates..."

This was what South African actress Khanyi Mbau said when she was called out on social media for doing plastic surgery body modifications to enhance her looks.
On a recent TV show - “Real Talk with Anele” show, she defended the plastic surgery she had undergone, and even went further to reference the Bible to back her claim.

Here’s what she said on the show;

“Now I’m going to preach. I’m going to take people to church because I’m from a Christian family, so most of my references come from that. The Bible says I am who I am through Christ who strengthens me.
If God is your father, right, then it means you are a god because a dog gives birth to another dog, a duck/bird – the same thing. If you are my father, why can I not be a god?
And the Lord says we are all gods amongst each other. And what does a god do? A God creates because my father created this earth through His image. I can create my own visions and my own earth through my own vision. As long as it doesn’t affect the next person, but it is my journey. So in my mind, the image and how I see myself is what I’m creating in the physical.
Because everything first happens in the spiritual before it seeps through the physical. So how I see myself is the most beautiful woman, flawless, filtered every single say of my life. Once we can all start becoming creators of our time, everyone will reach their goal because you are not looking at someone for inspiration, you are remembering who you are to the God that created you.”

The actress underwent a laser liposuction procedure (also known as lipoplasty) – an operation that removes fat from different sites of the human body – to prevent cellulite and saddle bags from forming. It was also gathered that she does an annual chemical peel for her complexion, and has had her nose worked on.
She has also had breast implants surgery, her eyebrows lifted, gums pushed back and excess skin around her eyes removed according to reports.

See the video here:

Now we want to know what you think as Christians. Does the Bible justify Body Modifications? Give reasons for your answers using the reply button below.

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