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Christ Apostolic Church Living Water Daily Devotional Guide
READ ACTS 9:36-41

You are My battle-ax and weapons of war: For with you I will break the nation in pieces; with you I will destroy kingdoms.

(Jeremiah 51:20)
God turned the ugly situation in Genesis 1:2 to a conducive habitation, which shows that God has unrestricted and unquestionable power to do the same in any situation we find ourselves.
Based on the invitation, Apostle Peter came from Joppa to meet the saints in the terrible situation, occasioned by the death of Dorcas (Acts 9:39), but God used Hiss battle-axe (Peter) to effect the needed positive change of bringing the dead of Dorcas back to life. Peter left them in a jouyous situation (v. 4:1).
How was that family, church, office, when you got there? And how is it now? What have you done to effect a positive turnaround in your family, church, office and society? What have you done to put smiles on people, working as God's agent to replace their sorrow with gladness? Are the situations around you remaining unchanged or getting WORSE than you met them?
Apostles Peter left the saints better than he met them. He met them sorrowful, but left them rejoicing. Therefore, let God use you as His battle-axe for turning every ugly, woeful life and deplorable situation into better ones; sinners to saints, and criminals to Christians. Let Him work on/in you so as to work with you.
1. Oh God, let Your purpose be made manifest in every situation I pass through, in Jesus name.
2. Pray for those who are in horrible situations presently-bereaved, hunger-stricken, hopelessly sick, etc.
3. Oh Lord, give the well-to-do in our society and churches the bowels of mercy to be supportive to the less privileged.

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