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GENESIS 7:1-16


"And the LORD said unto Noah, Come thou and all thy house into the ark; for thee have I seen righteous before me in this generation"

(Genesis 7:1).

If you are yet to be in the number, what are you waiting for? Judgment is near and only those people who are righteous will be spared. In our text, God reveals His holy nature that is averse to impenitent sinners. Deluge was to cover the earth and its inhabitants with one place of refuge - the Ark prepared by God-appointed man. Worthy of consideration in this text, is God’s directive to Noah to take seven pairs of each of the animals considered clean into the Ark, while allowing just a pair of those that were not clean to enter. The sense in that careful selection is to ensure that unclean animals do not dominate the earth after the great rain. If God could be so meticulous with animals, He therefore, cannot tolerate the uncleanness of human beings. Allowing the unclean animals to go into the Ark does not suggest however, that God was not capable of destroying all of them and creating new sets; but God is a God of orderliness. One important emphasis on the preservation of those that were in the Ark while the flood lasted is the fact that God shut them in the Ark; thus, those who would be preserved were sealed by the Lord. Those who were destroyed were shut out by the Lord. Those who delude themselves with the thought that they can escape God’s punishment by luck or error of selection will be disappointed. The time to make the decision is now. The most important thing is for us to strive to be in the number that will be found faithful to escape coming judgment of all sinners. You should be in the Ark of safety at last.

Thought for the day: It is a costly assumption to think you are in the Kingdom when you are not.
Bible Reading in one Year: PSALM 36-38

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