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*​​​​​​  _It is advisable that you prayerfully and meditatively read the text first_  *RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!* *TEXT:* GENESIS 39:7-23_*KEY VERSE* "And she caught him by his garment, saying, Lie with me: and he left his garment in her hand, and fled, and got him out" (GENESIS 39:12)._  What would a young man who has all of his master's assets in his care lose, if his master's wife shamelessly offers herself for an adulterous relationship? Well, it may appear nothing much to an unsaved, worldly person, but not to a man who knows and fears God, who has heaven to gain and a hell to shun. Succumbing to that temptation would obviously mean a loss of his relationship with God, a forfeiture of his dream, a loss of personal integrity, a betrayal of his master's trust, an eternal loss of God's presence and indeed an express road to hell! When Potiphar's wife degraded herself to lure her husband's bond servant to commit sin with her, she threw the respect and dignity of a master's wife to the dunghill. Thanks to the Spirit of God in the young man who was wary to detect the gimmicks of the devil. As believers, the enemy is always envious of our spiritual attainment and experiences. Our salvation is a very precious jewel, purchased by the precious blood of Jesus, the spotless Lamb of God. The adversary of our souls knows that too well and he is always scheming through many means to take it away. All he needs to perfect his plans is to find a loose man or woman, someone who would make him or herself available to bring temptations and trials to others. No matter what we lose just to save our souls from spiritual marauders and dream killers, the crown of glory that awaits every overcomer is certainly more precious. Flee from every appearance of evil. Keep yourself pure! *THOUGHT FOR THE DAY* No matter the temptation, there's always a way of escape.  *BIBLE IN ONE YEAR* 2 KINGS 1-2. *MEDITATION* *Watch out against destiny killers* *1. Marriage without fulfilment*a. She had all the things she might need in life, being married to an official of the State called Portiphar.b. Like many busy successful man, the husband might not be available to give the intimacy expected in marriage.c. The emotional benefits of marriage was lacking and the woman lacked the grace to retain her integrity, vv7-9. *Question*How could the husband have avoided this family embarrassment from the wife? *Note* Eve could bring problem to the whole world because the serpent watched for the best time when she was not with her husband to tempt her. Many believing married women have been initiated into different evil societies because their husbands were too busy to be close to their spouses. Give no place to the devil. *2. The assigned destiny killers*a. Observe that the seducer did not target Joseph for seduction until Joseph was promoted and became second in command to Potiphar, v6,7.b. The seducer or "adulterers will hunt for the precious life" Proverbs 6:26. If you are a man of destiny or you are a man already fulfilling destiny, watch out for the satanic agent (s) assigned to kill your destiny and be decisive in handling them. *Note* This warning is for both sexes. *3. "Everyone should know how to keep himself ..."*a. One strategy the woman used was repeated verbal immoral assault without giving up, vv7,10. Satan still uses that today in order to weaken the will to resist. Beware. b. On this fateful day, Joseph went alone to his office which was located in the residential house of his Master, vv11,12. *Question*Since Joseph knew the pressure from this woman, wouldn't Joseph have avoided this tragic scenario if he had not gone to the office alone? Couldn't God has elevated him to be the Prime Minister in Egypt without necessarily passing through imprisonment even though God decided to use the imprisonment to achieve his purpose? *Note* A lot of temptations and tragic falls could have been avoided if needful cautions are taken. "Every man should know how to possess his vessel in sanctification and honour ". "Can anyone sit on coals of fire and not be burnt?" All activities of the senses that ensnare the soul should be avoided deliberately. *4. Any alternative to fleeing?*a. When you are right there trapped in a tempting environment, there is no other choice that to "flee", vv12,13. It must be done immediately without wasting time or second thought. I Corithians 6:18. *Question*What do you think would have happened to Joseph's dream if he had yielded to Satan?  *Refuse to sell your destiny to destiny killers and snatchers* *Prayer points*a. Praise God for having a great destiny for your lifeb. Ask God for watchfulness and vigilance never to fall prey of friendly destiny killers or snatchers Ask God for grace and focus to set your eyes on the plan of God for your life without distractionAsk for mercy of restoration for those brethren who have been careless with their destinies like Esau *HYMN* Yield not to temptation. (GHS 6)

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