Mountain Top Daily Devotional.Thursday 14th Jan

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These prayers are to be prayed between 12:00am and 12:15am (Anoint Yourself Before Prayers)

Confessions: Psalm 2: 1-12

Aggressive Praise Worship

Prayer Points

99. Blood of Jesus Christ, soak us as a church in You and make us whole, in Jesus' name.

100. O God, arise and go forth as a mighty Man of war, cry, roar and prevail over the enemies, the strongmen, unclean spirits and agents of satan of this church, in the name of Jesus.

101. O God, arise and pass through this church in fury and anger and remove any person who has made a covenant with water spirits or satan to take the seat of Almighty God in this church; let them die the death of the uncircumcised, in the name of Jesus.

102. Revive Thy work, O God in our midst, in the name of Jesus.

103. The enemy will pay the price that will catapult me to my place of destiny, in the name of Jesus.

104. Every fortified city, harboring my breakthroughs, let your walls crumble by fire, in the name of Jesus.

105. Power of the Most High, catapult me by fire above my mockers, in Jesus' name.

106. My Father, shower my destiny this year, with Your rain of mercy, in Jesus' name.

107. Rain of glory, fall upon my life and wash away my shame, in the name of Jesus.

108. Rain of breakthroughs, fall upon me, and silence my mockers, in the name of Jesus.

109. Rain of divine judgement, fall upon the wicked and disgrace the strongman boasting against me, in the name of Jesus.

110. Rain of vengeance, fall with fury and burning sulphur upon my enemies, in the name of Jesus.

111. O God, arise and let Your prosperous wind, carry me to my throne, in Jesus' name.

112. Every power, occupying my throne of destiny, tremble and vacate my throne, in the name of Jesus.

Excerpt From
Pray Your Way into 2021
Dr. D. K. Olukoya

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