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_It is advisable that you prayerfully and meditatively read the text first_

TEXT:* DANIEL 8:1-12.
_KEY VERSE* "And an host was given him against the daily sacrifice by reason of transgression, and it cast down the truth to the ground; and it practised and prospered" (DANIEL 8:12)._

In March 21, 1969, Time magazine of the United States conducted an investigative report that concluded that 1,220 out of the country's 1,750 dailies had columns running forecasts about the unknown tomorrow. The stargazers failed miserably with their prophesies the same way a religious group has been forced to revise its predictions about the date of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ severally.

On the other hand, the true prophets of God have always proclaimed unfailing prophecies. Daniel was one such men of God. Two years after the Lord revealed the prophecy of the four kingdoms that would shape the world up to the rapture and the millennial rule and beyond, Daniel received more visions, this time of both long and short scopes. God, using domestic animals to represent the kingdoms unlike the wild creatures of the previous chapter, revealed that world powers would rise and fall. Daniel prophesied that "a notable... horn" would emerge.

Historians have identified this "horn" as Alexander the Great of the Greek Empire, who, as predicted died prematurely in 323 BC: "the great horn was broken." The prophecy was made about 300 years earlier. Daniel also predicted that after Alexander's death, the Greek Empire would collapse and give birth to four new ones. And so it happened.

Only He who knows the future reveals it to His genuine servants and to sincere seekers of the truth. Man is needlessly anxious about the years ahead, turning to idols and charlatans to untie the knot about the unknown. He will rope himself into more snares if he does not run to the God who, thousands of years ago, predicted what we are witnessing today: "the time of the end... shall be a time of trouble... many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased."

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY* Do not seek to know the future without first knowing the Owner.



Prophecy of the scriptures must come to pass

*1. The symbol of animals*
Four types of animals were mentioned:
a. Ram with 2 horns, one horn higher than the other (Medo-Persia kingdom comprising Media king and Persian king). The kingdom appeared invincible, vv3,4.
b. A goat that is very swift with a notable horn (Greece kingdom with the notable king called Alexandra the great who conquered the then whole world @33). He destroyed the ram kingdom of Medo-Persia in fury, vv5-7. After his death, his Greece kingdom was divided among his 4 generals who ruled Egypt, Syria and Turkey and Greece, v8.
c. Protruding from the 4 horns of the goat is another "little horn" though most dangerous. He will have power, temporarily over Palestine, Jerusalem and the host of heaven (the Jews). In fact he will stop the yet to be built temple sacrifice, vv9-12. No other person fits into this except the coming Antichrist.
*2. Why animal symbols?*
It shows the nations of the world and their kings will always behave like animals, rapacious, fighting one another and "the way of peace they know not". The story has not changed and will not change except by the Prince of peace.
*3. And it came to pass*
a. All the prophecies fulfilled except that of the *little horn* remaining; an indication that the coming of the Antichrist is a settled fact of prophecy.
b. The fulfilment span of those fulfilled prophecies spans hundreds of years after Daniel revealed them showing time is not a constraint to fulfilment of divine prophecies. Whatever God has said or promised will come to pass at the appointed time.
*4. How to know a true prophecy or revelation before it is fulfilled?*
a. It will lead the recipients to pray and seek the face of God.
b. The prophecy will exalt and glorify Christ and teach people to come closer to Christ, v25.

*Prayer points*
*Give praises and worship* to God who only can reveal the end from the beginning
Pray that Jesus will *remove every trace of animalistic lifestyle,* temperaments and behaviours from your life
Call on the *Prince of peace* to come and fully reign in your community and country
Ask that the power of God will put the "animal" ruling your country/community under *full subjection and obedience* to the will of God

*HYMN* The Bible stands

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