COMMANDING THE DAY 7th Day of DECEMBER 2020 (LUKE 5: 1-39)

1 month 2 weeks ago #10834 by FemiClef
I speak to the gates of this 7th Day of December 2020.

Today God will locate you for unsual favour that will change your life for good in JESUS NAME Amen

He will give you the grace to release yourself to Him for a life changing encounter in JESUS NAME Amen

He will put a permanent end to all your fruitless efforts of the past in JESUS NAME Amen

He will use your past failure and frustration to prove that He is the Almighty in JESUS NAME Amen

His Word will give you direction on what you need to do to experience turn around in your life and family and fly higher in JESUS NAME Amen

You will experience breakthroughs that will affect everyone around you in JESUS NAME Amen

You will become a useful vessel unto God and to forsake all and follow Him in JESUS NAME Amen

*PROPHETIC PRAYER*: (Lay your right hand on your head and declare)

I decree and declare that by His grace through faith in Him I will set all that I am and all that I have aside so that Christ will become an increasing reality in my life - until I am nothing and HE is everything in JESUS NAME

I receive an unusual touch of God today in every area of my life that will put an end to every form of pain and agony in my life and family in JESUS NAME

I decree upon my life and family, we will experience God's Divine favour this season in the MIGHTY NAME of JESUS Amen and Amen


Pastor (ACP) Ayotunde Omodeinde psc, mnips

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