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BIBLE TEXT(s): Gen. 6:17, Psalms 46:1-3.

Natural disasters are destructive events, calamities that happened by nature,
such as earthquake, tsunami, wildfire, landslide, floods, plaque etc, men
believedthese are actsbeyond human control.

1. Let us thank God for his mercy, Lam. 3:22.
2. Let us thank God for the salvation of our souls
3. Let us thank God for he will answer our prayers
4. Father, if there is any sin that we have committed that can hinder our
prayers, please forgive us now in Jesus name
5. Father, have mercy on us and deliver us from Natural disasters in Jesus
name. Psalms 57:1.
6. Father, we humble ourselves and seek your face, heal our land and deliver
us from Natural disasters in Jesus mighty name. 2. Chron. 7:13-14.
7. Father have mercy on us and forgive us for abandoning the only living God
to serve and worship other gods 2. Chron.7:22.
8. Father, deliver us from the current impending disasters that will lead to
food crisis all over Nigeria in Jesus name. 2. Chron.20:9.
9. Father, give us listening ears to your instructions so that we can dwell
safely in Jesus name. 2. Chron. 34:24.
10. Father, forgive us our sins so that disasters will not pursue us in Jesus
name. Prov, 13:21.
11. Father, by your mercy, don't let disasters come upon us out of the north
in Jesus name. Jer. 1:14, 4:6.
12. Father, in your mercy, bring us not into your judgement but deliver us
from all evils of natural disasters in Jesus name. Isaiah 47:11.
13. Father, remember your word in Jeremiah and bring disasters upon those
killing your children in Nigeria in Jesus name.
14. Father, in the days of Jonah you had mercy on the people of Nineveh,
please have mercy on Nigeria and let disasters be far away from us.
Jonah 3:6-10.
15. Father, let us find favour in your sight and don't let disasters destroy our
nation in Jesus name. Gen.19:19.
16. Father, terminate every form of natural disasters from Nigeria in Jesus
17. Father, by your mercy, let there be no more flooding in Nigeria in Jesus
18. Father, by your mercy, let there be no more fire disasters in Nigeria in
Jesus name
19. Father, remember your promise never to destroy the world with floods
again. Gen. 8:20-22.
20. Father, step into the boat of Nigeria and let all forms of storm disappear in
Jesus name. John 6:18-21.

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