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Please welcome and please refer to yesterday’s testimony!
Remember that the testifier said each time a good job or a good thing was about to locate her, she would have a dream. Hear her again: “I have been stagnated for 13 years after graduation without a job, each day I applied for a job, that night I would dream and see myself in either my secondary or primary school.” She was having other dreams once a great thing was to locate her.

Those dreams are what I call ARROWS of SATANIC ABORTION. Dreams can be used by God or devil. Dreams are a PICTURE WHAT IS HAPPENING OR ABOUT TO HAPPEN IN THE SPIRITUAL UNSEEN WORLD. That is why you must boldly cancel every evil dream immediately and always sow your seeds as led (obeying prophetic instructions and get your Prayer Psalms) as this sister did during the fasting programme!

Sometimes, the Holy Spirit will give you an “EXPO” or LEAK to you what your haters are planning! Sometimes, the Holy Spirit will also show you the great things your home government (HEAVEN) is planning concerning you or concerning a loved one.

All the dreams of the Bible confirmed and he became a ruler! Pharaoh’s dream was interpreted by Joseph and confirmed! Daniel’s dream was confirmed! In Genesis 20:3, God warned Abimelech in a dream concerned Serah! Genesis 40:8, talks about the dreams of two servants in prison.

In Mathew 2:13, Joseph was warned in a dream to take the child Jesus to Egypt because of Herod. The list is endless. But know this: When you dream of going back to your primary school or any past school, etc, it means danger and it means demotion agents are at work. When dream of red oil, etc, and lose your pregnancy, it is from the satanic world! The joy of this sister was that after the fasting programme, in a dream, she saw herself driving out of her secondary school. That was evidence of her deliverance!

Oh, glory to God! You are coming out of whatever your Father God has not planted! I decree today: Every evil dream you have ever had shall NOT manifest in Jesus name. I decree again: Every good dream you have ever had shall suffer DELAY NO MORE! It must manifest from TODAY in Jesus name.

Arise now and stop the stoppers of your testimony! We evade every DREAM ARROW always fired to cause “ABORTION” of good things concerning your life and ministry! We evade every DREAM HOUSE or occultic/marine power manufacturing evil dreams to abort your testimony! Enough is enough! You cannot labour or pray in vain again!

I decree healings, signs and wonders worldwide concerning every user of today’s devotional There shall be restoration of ALL that the cankerworms or demonic locusts have swallowed! I see you dancing ! I see you rising again! I see 678 promotions because DREAMS MANIPULATORS are being arrested now! Pray now.

BIBLE-IN-ONE-YEAR: ( Rom: 12-16)

PRAYER POINTS: Take any song of praise as led.

1. In your words, pray about today’s word as led now.

2. Oh, you ATTACKERS OF MY HARVEST via evil dreams; CATCH FIRE NOW in Jesus name.

3. I cancel and BREAK THE CYCLE of the following negative dreams I have had in the past (mention them now and pray seriously).

4. I take back whatever satanic cankerworms/caterpillars have eaten in Jesus name. Pray about today and use the page for pastors ( page 88).

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