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-Pastor E.A Adeboye-RCCG Special November Thanksgiving Service

Better Days Ahead
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

When you need good advice, you go to your friend and you cannot get a better friend that God Himself.

How can l be calm, cool and at peace with everything that is happening? How can l be sure that my blood pressure will be alright for the rest of my life ? The Holy Spirit has given us series of advice. They include:

1. Rejoice Evermore
2. Pray Without Ceasing
3. In Everything Give Thanks.

- Rejoice Evermore: How can l rejoice all the time ?
Philippians 4:4
Your rejoicing should be in the Lord. If you rejoice in the Lord, your joy will be constant because....
Malachi 3:6
Hebrews 13: 8
Nehemiah 8:10 (the Joy of the Lord is my strength)
The joy must come from the Lord.

What if you are in sorrow how can you rejoice? Joy is coming.
Psalm 30:5.
The Bible says rejoice because the sorrow will not last.

If you have failed in business, marriage or whatever? As long as you are still breathing, rejoice.
Ecclesiastes 9:4

Suppose people you trusted have let you down? Rejoice because humans will disappoint you, the Lord will not.
Hebrews 13:5-6

Are you worried about tomorrow and yet the Bible says rejoice ? There is someone who says l will never leave you.
Colossians 1:27.
Don't worry at all, tomorrow will take care of itself.

- Pray Without Ceasing: Jeremiah 33:3
If He says He will answer, He will answer.

How many of you believe you will have a testimony by tomorrow morning?
Matthew 7:7-8

Years ago, when we built our first little house in the outskirts of Ilesha, we had to dig a well to get water, we didn't know that we were building a house on top of a rock. People came and dug and they kept going and one person came and in less than one hour, water came.
Just one more prayer, breakthrough will come.

In case you are praying and you are not getting answers, ask God for mercy.
Lamentation 3:22-23
Romans 19:15-16.

They thought COVID-19 was going to finish us all, everybody began to panic. A friend of mine asked me, what is it that you people did in Nigeria? I said my daddy told me that only those whose time have come will die and God looked down from heaven and saw that we had nothing no resources and we prayed. I told him our secret is we cried to God for mercy. God showed us mercy.
God have mercy on me!

- In Everything, Give Thanks: Psalm 50:14-15. Give thanks before you begin to call on Him. Thank Him for what He has been doing in the past.

Why should you give thanks? * Because it is the will of God
* Because God is still on His Throne.
Isaiah 66:1
* He knows the World from the beginning.
Acts 15:18

It doesn't matter how many enemies are working against you what God has decided will come to pass. Why? Because He is the Beginning and the Ending.
Revelation 1:8

If He says it will be well with you, it will be well. Ask Joseph!

Give thanks particularly for knowing JESUS

If you have not given your life to Jesus Christ, there is trouble ahead. If you have given your life, l can assure you that your tomorrow will be alright.

If you have not given your life, you are the only one in serious trouble, but you can come to Him let Him save your soul and l can guarantee you that your tomorrow will be alright.

Prayer Points
1. Thank God for all He has done for you and your family in the past.

2. Father! Have mercy on me, my Family, Your Church, my Nation.

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