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COMMANDING THE DAY 31st Day of OCTOBER 2020 (OBADIAH 1: 13-21)

I speak to the gates of this 31st Day of October 2020.

Every proud enemy of your life shall experience downfall in the order of Edom in JESUS NAME Amen

God will frustrate every conspiracy against you and your family in JESUS NAME Amen

You will not be consumed by the wrath of God on the wicked on the day of the Lord in JESUS NAME Amen

He will guide your thoughts, tongue, and direct your actions in JESUS NAME Amen

You will experience total deliverance today which will enable you walk in holiness in JESUS NAME Amen

He will keep iniquity far away from you in JESUS NAME Amen

Today by the enablement of His Spirit He will give you the grace to possess your possessions in JESUS NAME Amen

Your adversaries shall be swallowed up in their evil scheme against you, and they shall be as though they had not been in JESUS NAME Amen

Your house shall be a fire, and a flame, and the house of the adversaries for stubble & shall kindle & be devoured in F-I-R-E and there shall not be any remaining of the house of your adversaries; for the Lord hath spoken it, in JESUS NAME Amen

*PROPHETIC PRAYER*: (Lay your right hand on your head and declare)

I decree and declare, my trail and burdens are over, I will possess my possessions in JESUS NAME

I receive the anointing and power to possess my possession in JESUS NAME

I receive the grace to know the purpose of my possession in Him in JESUS NAME

I forbid devourers and evil mots from eating up my possessions in JESUS NAME

I become FLAME & F-I-R-E to completely devour my unrepentant and unrelenting adversaries in JESUS NAME

All those who rejoice at trails, and those who join their hands with others in attacking me, shalll be judged & be consumed in their wickedness in the MIGHTY NAME of JESUS


Pastor (ACP) Ayotunde Omodeinde

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