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Ty Bello1 206x300In the spirit of the season, TY Bello shares a heartfelt ballad which symbolizes the true meaning of Christmas. We hope everyone who gets an opportunity to listen to this song comes to the awareness and recognition of the power in the name Jesus.
Below is the lyrics to the song, credits and the download link. Happy Holidays!
Download link 

Jesus Jesu

Jesus Jesu (Sweetest Name) Credits Produced by MOSA

Lead Vocals: TY Bello

Choir: Glowreeyah Braimah, Sarah Chidebelu-Eze, Ochuko Sifo, Irene Onabajo, Funmi Oloyede, Sanmi Sobogun, Tunmise Oladapo- Kuku, Nwando Okeke & MOSA
Vocal Arrangements by: TY Bello & MOSA
All Instrumentation by: MOSA


TY: Jesus Your name is sweet enough (4x) When I let You in, You change everything (2x)

TY & Choir: Sweetest name I know (4x)

Choir: Orukore ti dun to (4x) When I let You in, You change everything (2x)

TY & Choir: Sweetest name I know (2x)
Choir: Sweetest name I know (4x)

Oh, Oh, Oh Orukore ti dun to (4x)

Jesus Jesu Maker of the universe Oh, Jesu Every song and verse put together won’t do They just can’t be enough to say how we love You How we love You Jesus Jesu Son of God, Lover of man Oh, Jesu All the voices in our land won’t do They just can’t be enough to say how we love You How we love You How we love Your name (Sweetest name I know) We just love to say (Sweetest name I know) That name (Sweetest name I know) Jesus We love Your name (Sweetest name I know)

Jesu (9x)

O dun j’oyin lo (6x)

Love of my life (2x)

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