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Upcoming Artistes: To Sell or Not To Sell Your Music. Let's Discuss

4 years 11 months ago #4100 by oyez

"Artist with 2000 friends on facebook.. 100 plus likes on fans page.. 400 followers on twitter And 110 on instagram..
you have not even gain 5000 fans and your are promoting your songs on ITunes, MTN plus, BoomPlay and others
Abeg tell me who won buy your song.
If no be you. Na who suppose to dey drop free download to gain Audience" (sic)

This was the facebook post of my good friend and brother in ministry, DJ X-One, he's a Gospel Disc Jockey and music promoter. I presume this post was in response to one of my adverts about (upcoming) artistes putting their songs up for sale, rather than free downloads. So I think it's in order if I respond and shed more light.

First, I would say let's examine his post to see if it would stand the test of logic and reasoning. Let's replace the word "Artist" with "Entrepreneur (Shoemaker, fashion designer, app developer or any startup business) and let's see the post would still make sense. An upcoming artiste is no different from an upcoming shoemaker, right?

So here we go:

"Shoemaker/fashion designer with 2000 friends on facebook.. 100 plus likes on fans page.. 400 followers on twitter And 110 on instagram..
you have not even gain 5000 customers and your are promoting your shoes/designs on Konga, Jumia, Olx, Jiji and others. Abeg tell me who wan buy your shoes/clothes"

Do you how ignorant this sentence is?

I had to post this in the Careers & Empowerment section of this forum, because that is what it is.

The decision on whether or not to sell a product does not depend on how popular or what stage of business on is. What I mean is, if you are to decide on whether to sell your music or not, it has nothing to do with how well known you are in the industry. For a shoemaker, you do ten pairs of shoes, you don't need common sense to tell you to sell them at a favourable price, give promo discounts or give out for free to a popular person with the hope that more people will see your product on him/her. All these are promotional ideas that can make you popular. But it is irresponsible to say. "Because I am not so well known, I don't have up to 5000 fans, then I should not sell my shoes."
So why does DJ X One think an artist should think that way?

What brings sales to any business, whether startup or big brand, is PROMOTION. If the promotion is right, people will know about the product/brand/artiste and they will be attracted to buy. People do not get attracted to things because they are free, as a matter of fact, people don't value free things.

I pardon my DJ friend and others who criticize upcoming artistes selling their works. A few months ago, I was like that. I was promoting artistes' songs/albums on online sale platforms passively, until I got an alert of over $200 for sales on a couple of songs. However, they have a point, it's okay to release a single or couple of songs for free downloads just to water the audience's appetite on what your album/EP could sound like. And again, this decision isn't restricted to upcoming artistes, even the big names do this.

For evidence of sales and payments, kindly see the photos below:

Another misconception is, "Nigerians do not buy songs/products (digital) online." I thought so too, but look at the picture below for which region supported these artistes the most.

I'm sure you have a change of mind now. If you would like to monetize your songs and albums on online sales platform like iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, MTN Music Plus, BoomPlayer, Amazon and many more, GospelNaija can handle that.
Talk to Oyez on +2347037264476 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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